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What Is Parging?

Parging involves applying a parging cement coating to the visible (above-grade) part of your home’s foundation walls. This includes applying a parge coat concrete wall to hide imperfections and shield your home against harsh Canadian weather conditions.

The Benefits of Parging Concrete

  • Visual Appeal: Improves the look of your home’s foundation.
  • Weather Protection: Shields your foundation from harsh weather, preserving its integrity.
  • Durability: Essential for foundations with exterior insulation, adding durability and impact resistance.

Types of Parging

Cement Parging

Composition: Uses factory-premixed foundation parging mix or Type N mortar.

Characteristics: Easy to work with and has good adherence. Ideal for parging basement walls and brick parging.

Acrylic Coating

Composition: Includes a base coat of Portland cement and liquid acrylic, a fiberglass armature, and a 100% acrylic paste finish coat.

Characteristics: Durable, excellent adherence, flexible, and airtight. Ideal for areas exposed to de-icing salts and parging basement walls. Available in various colors and textures.

Conditions for Parging Application

To ensure successful parging on foundation walls, these conditions must be met:

  • Clean surface, free of stains or brittle material.
  • The surface must be moistened before applying the mixture.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for preparing the mix.
  • Maintain an application and curing temperature of at least 5°C.
  • Keep the parge coat foundation moist during the curing period.

Repair and Maintenance

Repairing Parging

Parging can often be repaired. Regular inspections and quick sealing of superficial cracks can prevent further damage. Minor repairs can be done by a professional using quick-setting cement, while more severe damage may require a new coat of parging.

Can Parging Be Painted?

Yes, but be cautious. A watertight paint finish can trap moisture, which may lead to deterioration. If you wish to change painted parging, options include removing the paint before re-parging or covering it with a new parging coat.

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