Roofing Brands We Trust

 At Canclad Roofing, we take pride in partnering with industry leaders to deliver aesthetically pleasing, durable, and cost-effective roofing solutions to our clients.

Roofing Brands We Trust - Canclad Roofing

Owens Corning

As a proud partner of Owens Corning, we offer high-quality roofing shingles. Owens Corning shingles are acclaimed for durability and impressive aesthetics and are fiercely favoured by builders worldwide. Their range extends from the popular Oakridge® to the premium Duration® shingles series. Speak to our team about which products will be best for your home.

An Owens Corning Roofing System guarantees a perfect blend of beauty and longevity, offering a comprehensive solution to all your roofing needs.

BP Canada

BP Canada is a brilliant choice for residential properties. Adopting an eco-friendly approach without compromising durability and cost-effectiveness, they offer products that withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

With styles designed to imitate cedar or slate tiles and up to forty years of lifespan, BP Canada roofing products provide a lightweight, robust solution requiring minimal maintenance.

BP Canada


Our extensive line of IKO residential roofing products is recognized for its superior protection, variety of styles, and high wind resistance. From the traditional look of the IKO Cambridge to the premium appearance of the IKO Crowne Slate, there is an IKO product for every home.

IKO Armourshake shingles especially stand out for their strength and beauty, offering an excellent alternative to traditional cedar shake.

Malarkey Roofing

Malarkey Roofing shingles are renowned for their unique design options—including solar-reflective shingles—and the ability to resist harsh weather conditions. The selection ranges from the high profile Windsor® shingles to the resilient Highlander® NEX® shingles.

Malarkey Roofing products embody energy efficiency and durability. They are meant to withstand the roughest weather conditions while preserving their integrity and beauty.

Malarkey Roofing
Close-up of a roof under repair with a roofing expert fixing the shingles

Give Your Home the Best

Contact Canclad Roofing today to explore our product offerings from Owens Corning, BP Canada, IKO, and Malarkey Roofing and to identify the best fit for your residential roofing needs. We’re eager to provide solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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We take pride in our work and are committed to providing high-quality roofing solutions for all types of properties. We cater to residential, commercial, and industrial roofing needs. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced roofing contractor, contact Canclad Roofing today. We look forward to helping you with your project. Our team of experienced professionals provides quality services backed by warranties and guarantees. We stand behind our work and guarantee customer satisfaction.